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Muhammed Rafeez

"Interior Design is about creating a unique quality of life and beauty that nourishes the soul. This is the place we call home."

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Aniq Interiors has evolved an expertise in the interior design of high quality
residential and commercial projects. We provide hands-on interior design
services that are tailored to our client’s requirements and personal brief.
As a leading Interior designer in Kannur, Kerala our painstaking attention to detail from the earliest concept stage right through to the completion of a project consistently provides our clients with homes that exceeds their expectation


Interior Designer in kannur how color helps in moods

Every Colourful Interior Design has a different saying. For example- Red colour is a symbol of passion, whereas blue indicates soothing, and yellow is a happy colour. We always understands the customer’s emotions to improve their happiness in which their family spends time together, that is their HOME itself. We Aniq Interiors the leading Interior designer in Kannur and Kerala helps you to build your dream home 

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The Best Interior Designer in Kannur

Making a beautiful residence (residential) or commercial space shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. At Aniq Interior, we specialise in creating exquisitely designed living spaces that accurately reflect the preferences and lives of our clients. There are no lengthy ques, no hours spent scouring a store, and no hassle over timeline. You can get anything you need from us, including the possibility to have bespoke furniture constructed for the same price as ready-to-buy furniture or even less. For accomplishing your decorative objectives, use our interior design service. Make your ideal environment a reality with the help of professional interior designers in Kannur. For a phone estimate on any residential or business interior design project in Kannur or anywhere else in India, please contact us